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Use the Library Computers

We have 9 public internet computers at the library.

Dover Public Library card holders may use the computers for 1 hour each day, logging in with their 14 digit library number and their library password (which is initially set to the last 4 digits of the patron's phone number).

Library guests may pick up a guest pass that contains a username and password at the circulation desks for 1 hour of computer time each day.

Patrons may use our computers to browse the internet, send and read email, check their facebook account, research and apply for jobs, create and print letters and documents, and many other tasks. The library computers have popular computer applications installed, including:

Mozilla Firefox browser
Google Chrome browser
Microsoft Word 2019
Microsoft Excel 2019
Microsoft Powerpoint 2019
Microsoft Publisher 2019
Microsoft One Note 2019
Open Office
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe Premier Elements

Some additional applications can be installed temporarily by patrons.

Documents can be downloaded and saved to the computers, but any changes to the computers are erased every night.  Patrons are advised to delete any files they save to the computers to maintain their privacy.  Most thumb drives may be used in the library.  Due to a Microsoft bug we ask that PNY Attache drives not be used as the patron will not be able to access files on that brand of drive and it causes the library computer problems.

WiFi at the library

The library supplies Wifi for patrons who bring their own devices to the library.  There is no password required to connect to the library's Wifi (it is called DoverNet Public Wireless).  After you connect, open a browser to bring up our Acceptable Use Policy (if this doesn't come up, please go to  You'll need to re-accept every 90 minutes.  To re-accept, please open a new browser tab or window to bring up the Accept page again, then go back to what you were doing.  Also see our Wireless Printing instructions.

Printing at the library

The library has a printer that prints in black and white or in color.  Black and white prints cost 15 cents, color prints cost 50 cents.  

The printer is located in the Reference Room in the doorway near the elevator.  A Print Release Station (computer screen with a keyboard and mouse) is next to the printer.  Click on the button on the Print Release Station that says "Click Here to Print". Put your money in the coin box which is next to the Print Release Station.  The coin box accepts coins (no pennies, please) and $1 and $5 bills.  Change is returned, but no bills are returned - any amount over a dollar will be returned in quarters.  Then click on the "Print" link next to the name of your job.  Clicking the "Done" button will return your change.
Patrons can print from the library's public internet computers.  Choose File/Print in your application or browser and then choose one of the library printers.  After you click the print button you will be asked to name your job.  This name is only needed so that you can recognize which job is yours when you go to release it at the print release station.  After you click OK an additional box will let you know that your job is waiting in the queue.

Patrons who are connected to the library's Wifi can print Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Adobe PDF documents.  See detailed directions below.

Secure Printing

Many users want the printing process to be as simple as possible, but sometimes what you are printing is confidential and you want to be sure that you have control over your document.  We offer Secure Printing for these times.

For Secure Printing, you need to choose one of our Secure printers in your application when you print.  We have a Secure printer for black and white prints (15cent B&W Secure) and a Secure printer for color prints (50cent Color Secure). 

You will need to register as a New User once, and then can use the same username and password each time you come to the library.  After you are registered with our printing software, you will need to log in to send jobs to the printer when you choose one of our Secure Printers.  When you go to the Print Release Station instead of clicking on the "Click Here to Print" button, you will log in with your username and password.  Your jobs will show in this personal queue, and not in the general queue.  Because you need to log into the Print Release Station to see your personal queue no one else has access to your jobs.

Wireless Printing

Patrons may print Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF documents from their wireless devices.  Printing other formats, including printing from a webpage, is not supported.  You may be able to copy content from a webpage and save it into a Word document to print wirelessly.

How to Print from your laptop

1. Be sure you are connected via WiFi to DoverNet Public Wireless – Library

2. Click on this link:

3. If you haven’t printed before,

a. Click on the “Register as a New User” link on the PaperCut User Login screen

b. Fill in the fields and click “Register”

c. Then click “LogIn”

4. Once you have an account, please login with your username and password

5. Click on “Web Print” in the left menu

6. Click on “Submit a Job”

7. Select a printer –Black and White or Color

8. Click the “2. Print Options and Account Selection” button

9. Select the number of copies

10. Click the “3. Upload Document” button

11. Browse on your computer for the file you want to print. Only the listed formats will work.

12. Click the “Upload & Complete” button

13. It will say “Held in a queue” when it is successful

14. Pay for and release your job at the print release station in the reference room.