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Hale School, class 1933-1934

Second Grade: Edith A Gowen (died)
Elizabeth B. Hatch
class Hale 1934.jpg
Front row

1 Ruth Tinker
2 Louise Mayrand
3 Barb Chapman
4 Gertrude Drew
5 Steve Banaian
6 Virginia Bowen
7 Mae Hunter ?
8 Jack Towle
9 Dot Koulongis
    Second from front

1 Al Cherette
2 Marg Meserve
3 Ruth Friars
4 Gladys Winslow
5 Bud Emerson
6 Maurice Cormier
7 Natalie Otis
8 Phyllis Greenlaw
      Second from the back

1 Rose Latour
2 Ruth Austin
3 Beverly Brownell
4 Donald Walker
5 ?
6 Sam Arnold
7 Arlene Hazeltine
8 John Chimeklis (hidden)
9 Alan Greenlaw
    Back row

1 Ralph Wallace
2 Robert Smith
3 Ted Koutrelakos
4 George Bryer
5 Frank Norton
6 John Wormell
7 Robert Hatch

8 Natalie Southward

9 Virginia Bowen ?




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