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St. John's Methodist Church

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The Waldron Family donated land adjacent to the Waldron Burying Ground to the Methodists, and in 1825 a wooden structure was erected on the site. In 1827 a wooden vestry was constructed, and in 1829 a parsonage. Both structures stood at the rear of the church. By 1840 a fence surrounded the property and a bell was placed in the tower. By mid-century the Methodists were growing at such a rapid rate that a new chapel was constructed on the east side of the church; by 1875 the old church was torn down and a new brick structure was built. The new church cost over $40,000 to build and could seat 1,000 people; chimes weighing over 8,000 pounds were added to the tower soon after the church was completed.

From the 1983 Heritage Walking tour booklet

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More information available at the St. John's United Methodist Church web site.


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