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Bracewell Block

Bracewell block before flood e.jpg

before the flood

Bracewell Block after flood e.jpg

After the flood

March 1, 1896
Heavy rains caused the Cochecho River to rise 10 feet above its normal level and broke up the ice in the river to that huge ice cakes were washed down the Cochecho River. the combination of high water and ice cakes took out three bridges and also caused one end of the Bracewell Block to collapse. When the  end of the building went, three stores and the offices above these stores fell into the raging water. The high water got into 1500 barrels of lime stored at Converse and Hammond's lumber yard and started a fire which destroyed several buildings.
    From Dover, N.H.; People, businesses, and organizations 1850-1950 by Robert Marston, 2004.


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