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StoryCorps at Dover Public Library

The Dover Public Library wants to hear your story! Starting in November, the library is partnering with StoryCorps, the national non-profit organization dedicated to recording, preserving, and sharing the stories of people of all backgrounds and beliefs. The conversations are preserved for future generations at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and become instantly accessible and shareable through the StoryCorps Archive. The Dover Public Library will have a community page on the StoryCorps archive where all recordings will be gathered. The library is working in conjunction with the Dover 400th committee to ensure that stories about Dover history are recorded and preserved.

The holidays are coming soon, and it’s a great time to reconnect with family and friends to swap stories. Local history events, family stories, and conversations about current events are all equally important. Find a list of potential questions to get you started at and listen to some recordings at to discover the range of stories in the archive.

Use the StoryCorps app to record your interview in person or choose to have a virtual interview using StoryCorps Connect. Stories can be up to 40 minutes in length. Drop by the library to pick up instructions, or call 516-6050 for more information. Become part of this community project by adding your unique story!