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Technology Classes

Today's world is all about technology.  Learn how to use the tools you need to succeed in the world today.  Sign up for classes using the calendar below, or at the circulation desk (603-516-6050).  Classes include:

My First Email 

Email is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. An email account is also often needed to accomplish other things online. If you have never set up an email account this class will get your started. You will set up an email account using Gmail which uses a free Google account. You will learn to send emails, read emails that have been sent to you, download and read attachments, and attach files to emails you are sending. Gmail is simple and FREE! You can use Gmail on your computer, your tablet or even your smart phone.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with a mouse or touchpad, ability to type or hunt-and-peck on a keyboard.

Introduction to Microsoft Word - Formatting

Learn how to create an attractive document in Microsoft Word. We'll talk about various formatting options that can be used for resumes and other documents. You will learn how to change the size of the font, make text bold or italic, use tabs, change the margins for your document, and create numbered or bulleted lists.

Prerequisites for this class: Familiarity with basic computer functions such as copy and paste, saving documents, right clicking to bring up menus.

Introduction to Excel

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program. Learn how to get started with this class. You will learn how to enter data into Excel manually, how to format your data, simple formulas, how to sort and process your data, and how to use .csv files to import and export your data.

Prerequisites for this class: Familiarity with basic computer functions such as copy and paste, saving documents, right clicking to bring up menus.

Intermediate Excel

Take your Excel skills to the next level.  Learn about conditional, text, date and numeric functions.  Learn how to create charts and graphs, and how to make them look the way you want.  Create formulas that refer to values on other worksheets.  Learn to use filters.

Prerequisites for this class:  Introduction to Excel or equivalent knowledge

Extreme Excel

There is even more to learn in Excel.  Sometimes you need to split the data in a cell into multiple columns - learn how Text-to-Columns makes this easy.  Or you may have data in more than one sheet, and you want to merge it - find out how to use VLookup and Index Match.  You've heard of Pivot Tables - find out how to use them to summarize your data.  If you think that Excel is cool you'll love this class.

Prerequisites for this class:  Intermediate Excel (a strong foundation in formulas is needed)

PowerPoint Basics

You can create great presentations with Powerpoint.  Learn how to add bullet points, pictures and videos.  Find out how to use different templates to add interesting backgrounds to your slides.  Get tips on how to prepare for your presentation  And learn strategies that will help you get your point across.

Prerequisite: Computer familiarity, ability to copy/paste.

Advanced PowerPoint

Learn how to add tables, graphs and Smart Art to your presentation.  Explore transitions and animations.  Learn to create new slide templates with Master Slides.

Prerequisite: Familiarity with basic Powerpoint functionality

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