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Please call the library (603-516-6050) for room availability before filling out this form. Once the date and time is confirmed, then fill out the form.



Meeting Room Policy

The Library provides public meeting space for community groups and organizations in Dover and the area. The Dover Public Library endorses the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights which states: Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations or individuals or groups requesting their use.

The Dover Public Library has two meeting rooms available, plus a small third room available for one-on-one or small group tutoring. Non-profit organizations may use the rooms at no cost. (Note: proof of non-profit status may be required.)

  • The Lecture Hall has a maximum capacity of ninety persons. For profit-making organizations the fee for this room, per use, is $60.00.
  • The Trustees Room holds 12 comfortably and the fee for profit-making organizations is $30.00 per use.
  • There is no charge for a tutor and student to use the Learning Center room. Free reservations can be made by calling 516-6050 to book this room.
  • All usage fees must be paid in advance.
  • Checks should be sent in advance to: Circulation Desk, Dover Public Library, 73 Locust St., Dover, NH 03820.
  • Payment must be received at least one week before the meeting is scheduled or the room may be rebooked for another group’s use.
  • Organizations not pre-paid will be denied use of the meeting room.
  • The Library will not invoice organizations, but will supply a receipt for fees paid.
  • The Library will not refund usage fees if a group fails to show up for their booking, but will allow the group to change the date of their meeting (and reapply the paid fee) if the schedule allows.


Procedures governing the use of the Library’s meeting rooms are as follows:

  1. Application for use of a meeting room is made through the Circulation Librarian. All meeting room users must fill out a Dover Public Library Meeting Room Application before their initial meeting. Once this form is completed and approved, users may book additional meeting times by telephone (516-6050), if preferred.
  2. Meeting rooms may be used anytime during regular service hours of the Library.
  3. No group may schedule a meeting outside of the normal opening or closing times of the Library without special permission.
  4. No meetings may be held in any public service areas.
  5. No fees, dues, or donations may be charged or solicited by the user for any program. Groups offering free introductory lectures prior to a paid course of instruction are not allowed. All programs must be free and open to the public.
  6. Library-initiated programs will be given priority in the reservation of rooms. City of Dover-affiliated meetings and programs will not be subject to usage fees.
  7. Rooms will be assigned as requested, if space is available. In order to satisfy the high demand for meeting room space during evening hours, booking of a meeting room on Monday or Tuesday nights is limited to not more than once a month, or twelve times a year, by any one group. Groups wishing to book regular monthly meetings at the same day and time each month (e.g. every 3rd Monday at 7PM or every 1st Tuesday at 6:30) may only book their group one month ahead of the requested date.This is to give opportunity to other groups who may wish to meet on that day and time and to accommodate as many groups as possible. Groups who use library meeting rooms on an occasional or irregular (non-monthly) basis may book more than one month in advance. There is no limit on daytime (9-5) usage of the meeting rooms.
  8. Programs may not disrupt the use of the Library by others. Attendees must enter and exit the building in a quiet, orderly manner. Children may not be left alone in the Library while a parent attends a meeting. Persons attending the meetings are subject to all Library rules and regulations.
  9. Library facilities must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Refreshments may be prepared in the kitchenette, but clean-up, immediately following the meeting, is required. Users must pay for repair of any damages or any extra clean up costs incurred. The Library will not be responsible for materials or equipment left in the building by users.
  10. The Library reserves the right to revoke meeting room privileges at any time.
  11. Permission to use Library facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the Library staff or its Board of Trustees of the users or their beliefs.
Approved by the Library Board of Trustees
Original Date_______September 4, 2008________
Revised: September 2, 2010