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Strafford Bank

Strafford Bank Central Ave.jpg

located on Central Avenue

In 1803, the N.H. Strafford Bank opened  in a two-story wooden building on Central Street near Angle. The following year, the entire building was moved onto Angle Street where it still stands today. In 1821, the bank changed its name to The Strafford Bank and in 1847 moved with the Savings Bank for the County of Strafford (inc. 1823 at Tuttle Square) to a three-story brick building on Washington Street. In 1895, the two banks (now known as the Strafford National Bank and the Strafford Savings Bank) moved into their new bank building adjacent to their former headquarters. the granite block on the corner of Washington and Central, built for $100,000 and designed by local architect A.T. Ramsdell, was called a "fortress of finance".


Strafford Banks building.jpg

In 1963, the Strafford Banks relocated once again to 353 Central Avenue; that building, now the home of the Strafford National Bank, was expanded in 1969 and 1973. In 1984, the Strafford Savings Bank, now called the Southeast Bank for Savings, moved to its own new brick structure on Washington Street across from the post office.
    From the 1985 Heritage Walking Tour booklet


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