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Kimball Hotel

Third St.jpg

Looking down Third Street toward Franklin Square about 1920.
The Kimball Hotel is the first building on the right.

The Kimball Hotel opened in 1871 at 48 Third Street. The Kimball House became a Third Street fixture for over 100 years until, as the Hotel Kimball, it succumbed to a fire in 1982. It 1889, it advertised a major renovation: "Refitted and reopened with an attractive appearance for the wayfaring man." It 1891 it was promoted as "first class in every respect." In 1905 it was "a pleasant retreat for commercial travelers" with steam heat, electric bells and sample rooms for salesmen to showcase their wares to customers. Amenities included a pay telephone (one of only thirteen in Dover at the time!). By 1912, the Kimball not only had phones in each room but delivered "hot and cold water in all rooms" for only $2.50 to $3.00 per night. In 1921, another renovation boasted, "25 new rooms just completed: the only hotel in the city with private shower and tub baths." In the 1930s the Kimball was described as ""the traveling man's home." The Kimball hotel burned down in 1982.
    From the 2002 Heritage Walking Tour booklet

Postcard donated by Robert Marston


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