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Building Maintenance Mechanic Job Opening

The Dover (NH) Public Library seeks a Building Maintenance Mechanic to perform general maintenance in and around the Public Library.


Must work 6 days per week. 40 hours total, Monday—Saturday: 37.5 hours on weekdays and 2.5 hours on Saturday mornings.



  1. Unlock building at 9am, Monday through Saturday.
  2. Empty three bookdrops, 2X/day (7am and 11:30am); carry heavily-loaded bookba
  3. Check walkways and grounds for debris, vandalism, unsafe conditions, etc.
  4. Wet mop or sweep (depending on outside weather conditions) lower hallway and
  5. Clean downstairs bubbler.
  6. Clean and disinfect 4 public restrooms and one staff bathroom: toilet bowls,
  7. Maintain “Magazine Swap”: neaten piles, throw out junk.
  8. Clean table surfaces.
  9. Remove fingerprints from all visible surfaces of furniture, equipment.
  10. Re-check all public restrooms at least three times during shift. Regular
  11. Perform minor plumbing/plunging operations in public restrooms.
  12. Clean up all “accidents” in public restrooms.
  13. Vacuum all heavily-trafficked public sections of carpeting, incl. stairs
  14. Use carpet cleaning machine/shampooer on any new carpet spots or stains.
  15. Empty all wastebaskets.
  16. Empty all recycling bins.
  17. Bring trash to dumpster.
  18. Dust all rooms in a cycled rotation.
  19. Clean glass in five doors.
  20. Carry heavy loads of books or packed boxes of books for librarians (over
  21. Change filters, lightbulbs, fluorescent tubes, etc.
  22. Take mail and envelopes to Post Office and to City Hall.
  23. Deliver mail and envelopes from City Hall.
  24. Do errands at nearby hardware store.
  25. Keep track of janitorial supplies and notify staff when inventory is run
  26. Set up meeting rooms (2) for multiple daily meetings of various groups.
  27. Set up equipment for groups using the meeting rooms.



  1. Clean upstairs kitchenette (sink, floor and surfaces) & staff room.
  2. Clean Office.
  3. Clean front foyer (check bulletin boards).
  4. Clean stairwell rails, posts and banisters (wood and iron) .
  5. Clean gerbil cage.
  6. Clean inside elevator: walls and rug.
  7. Put out trash and recycling bins on Wednesdays.
  8. Clean and polish woodwork.
  9. Sorts, boxes up, and stores books & media for the annual book sale (requires rudimentary knowledge of library organizational/cataloging systems).


Occasionally, or as needed:

  1. Paint or “Bin” graffiti on walls or bathroom stalls.
  2. Paint furnishings and bookcases in Children’s Room as needed.
  3. Clean up “accidents” in Children’s Room (vomit, urine, etc.)
  4. Perform small plumbing and electrical repairs.
  5. Make small mechanical repairs to equipment, furniture, lights, machinery, etc.
  6. Set clocks and calendars.
  7. Wash windows. (May require scraping paint off art-decorated windows in Children’s Room before washing).
  8. Test and change batteries in alarmed doors.
  9. Help with annual booksale setup and supervise work of Jail Work-Release helpers for that event.
  10. Set up for special library programs (interior and exterior).
  11. Move and assemble furniture and bookcases.
  12. Hang fixtures such as shades, blinds, curtains.
  13. Monitor movements of patrons suspected of prohibited activities.
  14. Carry boxes to and from patrons’ cars.
  15. “Weed” newspapers in basement and recycle older issues.
  16. Monitor building for safety hazards, water leaks, etc.
  17. Clean mopboards in downstairs hallway with wax remover.
  18. Defrost staff room and kitchenette refrigerators (quarterly)
  19. Clean Library Director’s office and Learning Center (dust surfaces and clean glass doors).
  20. Clean alcove.
  21. Sweep basement floor and steps.
  22. Vacuum upholstered chairs in addition and in CR.
  23. Wash blinds in Children’s Room.
  24. Put out ant cups.


In winter:

  1. Shovel front steps; spread sand/salt/ice melt.
  2. Snowblow or shovel library walkways; spread sand/salt.
  3. Chip ice.
  4. Shovel out bookdrops.
  5. Shovel out portico and driveway side entrances.
  6. Shovel pathway to drain (otherwise floods parking lot entrance).
  7. Put up (and take down, and store) holiday decorations.
  8. Set up portable heaters around building.


In summer:

  1. Install portable A/C units in library windows (and remove them in Fall).
  2. Set up portable fans around the building.
  3. Change A/C filters.
  4. Daily: Turn on A/C in addition and in Children’s Room.
  5. Water lawn, shrubs and flowers.
  6. Maintain perennial beds surrounding monument and at front of library.
  7. Daily: Pick up litter from library grounds.
  8. Use leaf blower around entrances in fall.
  9. Trim bushes.

And all other tasks as needed/assigned.


Knowledge, skill and ability requirements:


  1. Some knowledge of methods, materials, and equipment used in custodial and grounds maintenance work.
  2. Some knowledge of general building repair and facility maintenance practices.
  3. Ability to follow written and oral instruction. Physical ability and stamina to perform required work.
  4. Ability to complete required forms and maintain accurate records.
  5. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, other agencies and the general public.
  6. Computer skills and technical knowledge related to HVAC system operations and controls, understanding of mechanical and electrical systems and ability to do minor repairs including small engine repair, mechanical, and electrical.


Education/licensure/certification requirements:


  1. Minimum High School diploma or equivalent.
  2. Must maintain a valid motor vehicle operator license.


See the complete job description and download the job application.