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Adult Spelling Bee

April 10, 2018  6:30 PM






  1. Each team will consist of a maximum of four members. Teams will spell in the order that is selected at random before the game begins. 
  2. Announcer pronounces word, gives word definition, uses word in sentence, and pronounces word again. 
  3. Team members may collaborate on the spelling of a word. Any teams found using an electronic device or outside help (unless using a life line) will be disqualified.
  4. Any disputes in spelling or clarity of the word will be decided by the judges.


  1. Each team will have 30 seconds to spell its word.
  2. Each team will select one member to write the team’s spelling of the word. Please print clearly, neatly, and as large as possible. Several versions may be written; it is the team’s responsibility to scratch through or erase the misspelled words, leaving only one version to be judged.
  3. All teams must immediately stop writing when the timer sounds.
  4. Judges will notify contestants when they can clear their boards.


  1. Any team that does not hold up their word when the judges call for time will be eliminated. Any team continuing to write after time is called or caught attempting to change the word will be eliminated. If the word is illegible or letters are ambiguous the team will be eliminated. 
  2. If a team misspells a word then they have the option of using one of their three life lines. If no life lines are left or they decide not to use one, they are eliminated from the competition. 
  3. Rounds continue until all teams have had a chance to spell a word and there are at least two teams left.


Ask the Hive

Teams may ask the audience or any eliminated teams for help respelling their word. They will have one minute to do so.

Buzz Off

Teams pass on the spelling of a word and automatically move on to the next round.
Stinger: Teams pass on the spelling of a word and then require another team to spell a word chosen from the Stinger Pile.

Stinger Pile

If the team that is stung does not know how to spell the Stinger Pile word, they can use a Stinger and pass the word to a different team. You cannot sting a team that already has been stung or has used their Stinger to play that word.
If a team uses their Stinger, they automatically advance to the next round. If every team gets stung on the same word, and the last team has a Stinger that they would like to use, but has no one to sting, they may forfeit their Stinger to remain in the competition.


  1. When only two teams remain, the elimination procedure changes. 
  2. If one team misspells a word, the other team will have a chance to spell the same word. If the second team spells it correctly, plus the next word on the judges’ list, the Bee is over and the second team wins. 
  3. If the second team misspells the original word or the second word they are given, it gets bounced back to the first team. If the first team spells that word correctly, they will then be given another word to spell. If they spell that word correctly, the Spelling Bee is over and the first team wins. If the first team spells that word incorrectly, the cycle continues. 
  4. If this back-and-forth duel goes on for three rounds without a winner, the judges will give the two remaining teams a test of five words to be written. Teams will have two minutes to submit their written spelling of all five words. The team spelling the most words correctly will be declared the winner.