Richardson Drive and Old Stage Road Reconstruction

The Richardson Drive development was built in the 1960s and is in need of infrastructure improvements. The neighborhood, as well as many homes located on Old Stage Road, do not have sanitary sewer service and rely on individual septic systems. This project includes the construction of a new municipal sewer line to service 47 residential homes. The Richardson Drive street pavement is extremely wide, in some areas in excess of 35 feet, and sheet flows to a closed drainage system located in Old Stage Road. The proposed project will include the redesign of the roadway to provide a narrower paved area, and include low impact development practices that will disconnect impervious areas and provide treatment and infiltration of storm water runoff. 

The need for these improvements in this area is particularly important as it is within the wellhead protection area of both the Hughes and Bouchard wells, which are both part of the municipal potable water supply.

Construction is will occur through the 2017 construction season.

Site plans for the work can be viewed here.

This page will be updated as work gets under way.