Current Projects

Belknap Street and Elm Street Neighborhood Reconstruction Project

The City is planning to reconstruct the Belknap Street and Elm Street neighborhood.  This project consists of reconstructing the roadway, sidewalks, and storm water drainage system and water utilities on the following streets: Belknap Street from Silver Street to Fisher Street, Elm Street, Summer Street and Hamilton Street.  It is anticipated that this project will be constructed during the 2019 construction season.

Berry Brook Watershed Management

With funds provided by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) the City of Dover has been working with the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center (UNHSC) and the Cocheco River Watershed Coalition to design and implement Low Impact Development (LID) best management practices (BMPs) in this highly urbanized environment for the purpose of effective impervious cover (EIC) reduction.

Click here to view a copy of the Berry Brook Watershed Management Plan.  

Brick Road and Floral Avenue Neighborhood Reconstruction Project

Weston and Sampson Engineers, Inc. are currently in the design phase of the Brick-Floral Neighborhood Reconstruction Project. The project entails roadway reconstruction, including curbs, sidewalks, some sewer main improvements/replacement, water service replacement and drainage improvements.  It is anticipated that this project will be constructed during the 2019 construction season.

Broadway Railroad Culvert

The purpose of this project is to install an 84 inch drainage pipe under the railroad located near Red’s Shoe Barn.  This will replace an old undersized granite box culvert that was installed in the 1800’s.  As part of the project a drain pipe will be installed on Broadway along the frontage of Red’s Shoe Barn and will connect to the new drainage pipe.  The new drainage lines will be tied into an existing granite box culvert, located in the ravine, at the end of Forest Street. 

Cocheco Street Pump Station Replacement

The City is planning to reconstruct the Cocheco Street sewer pump station.  This station currently pumps approximately forty to sixty thousand gallons a day.

Hanson Street Reconstruction

S.U.R. Construction will be reconstructing Hanson Street during the 2018 construction season. The project entails roadway reconstruction, including curbs and sidewalks as well as replacing the existing water, sewer and drainage systems.

Inflow and Infiltration

Wright Pierce Engineers has been contracted to investigate the origin of high-water flows during rain events.  This project is to reduce the amount of inflow and infiltration, which can overwhelm the Wastewater Treatment Plant and disrupt the treatment process.  The engineering firm will review approximately 125 miles of gravity sewer main.  Flow meters were installed in major pipelines to help narrow the locations.  The downtown area has registered the largest amount of inflow and infiltration after the first round of metering.  A video inspection of the downtown area was conducted in March to locate the sources.  The City will review the report once received.

Intersection Reconstruction - Sixth Street/Venture Drive

This project will include the design and reconfiguration of the intersection of Sixth Street and Venture Drive.  The changes will widen the turning lanes and accommodate larger vehicles.  Currently, the intersection is not designed for larger truck traffic movements.  Vehicles travel in more than one lane, when turning onto and from Venture Drive.

Keating Avenue and Birchwood Place Neighborhood Reconstruction Project

Sargent Construction will return to complete the project in spring 2018.  The remaining work includes a top coat of pavement on recently paved roadways and driveways, walkway and landscaping improvements, and planting several abbreviate trees along the border of the Spaulding Turnpike.

Main Street Water Main Replacement

This project will replace the 8-inch cast iron water mains at the following locations:

  • Central Avenue at Broadway to Washington Street
  • Washington Street, from Main Street to the Tommy Makem Bridge
  • Central Avenue at Henry Law Avenue to the Washington Street Bridge

 It is currently under design by Underwood Engineers.  

Richardson Drive Neighborhood Reconstruction

Lyman Construction will return to complete the project in spring 2018.  A top coat of pavement will be applied on recently paved roadways and driveways.  Minor drainage improvements may be included based on the winter and spring conditions. 

Roberts Road Reconstruction

The City is planning to reconstruct Roberts Road to include improved drainage, curbing and roadway. The project also includes an improved drainage outfall at the Piscataqua River.

Shaw's Lane Well Development

The City is working with Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations, LLC to develop a water supply well at Shaw’s Lane.  The well will be used primarily for irrigation of the athletic fields.

Spruce Lane Reconstruction

The City of Dover will be reconstructing Spruce Lane from Mast Road to Back River Road in the spring of 2017.  Prior to the reconstruction work, there are a few items that will be addressed with the roadway and the drainage infrastructure.  This work involves the installation and replacement of a portion of the drainage system, as well as making the width of the roadway more consistent.  There are portions of the roadway that will be widened to accomplish a uniform 28 foot wide road.  The reconstruction of the road will not include installation of sidewalk or curbing at this time. 

You may view a copy of the plans at the Community Services office, located at 271 Mast Road, or by clicking on the following link:  Spruce Lane Plans 

Spur Road Reconstruction

The City is planning to reconstruct Spur Road to include water main improvements/replacement and roadway reconstruction from Finch Lane to Deborah Lane.  Underwood Engineers are currently in the design phase of the Spur Road Reconstruction.  Construction is expected to begin in summer 2019.   

Stormwater Asset Management 

The City is working with New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services through the State Revolving Fund Program to build upon the existing stormwater asset management program.  This project will allow the city to apply condition assessment and prioritization concepts to the city’s subsurface stormwater system located in the most urbanized part of the city.  The information gathered will be utilized to identify and fund necessary capital improvement projects.

Varney Brook Pump Station

The Varney Brook Pump Station was built in 1977 and has reached its useful life.   The Varney Brook Pump Station is the City’s third largest pump station with a daily flow of 500,000 gallons per day.  The majority of the sewer shed is located in the Dover Point Road and Morningside Drive areas.  Wright Pierce Engineers are currently in the design phase of the redesigning of the current pump station. 

Water Facilities Plan - Phase I

This project will complete reconstruction of the Lowell Avenue water treatment facility.  It will remove iron and manganese from the Smith Well and Cummings Well, as well as the future Willand Pond well.  The project is 95% complete.  Water is expected to be in the system by April 1st.  The second component to Phase I was to rehabilitate the well buildings for the Calderwood Well and Campbell Well and construct a common chemical building for both wells at the Calderwood site.  The third component adds standby power to both wells.  This part of the project is 99% complete.  The contractor, Penta Corporation has until June 1, 2018 to complete the project.

Water Facilities Plan - Phase II

Underwood Engineers has been contracted to design two new wells at Willand Pond.  The design will include a pipeline from Willand Pond to the Smith Well site to tie in to the pipeline running from the Lowell Avenue Treatment Plant.  A new, single facility will serve the Smith and Cummings wells to accommodate metering, the power supply and standby power. The design work will also include cleaning the Garrison Hill tank and rehabilitation of the outside of the tank.  The final component of this phase is a new recharge facility at the Isinglass River.  The current building is located in a flood plain. The design is 30-40% complete.

Whittier Street Sidewalk

The City is planning to install sidewalk on Whittier Street, from Sixth Street to Glenwood Avenue.  The project is due to go out to bid this winter for construction in Summer 2019.

To view plans, click here.